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i need a full game of this <3 10/10

This is exactly how I would imagine the game based on the cartridge, you captured the wackyness of it so perfectly! Thanks for sharing!

Now that is the kind of entry you rarely seen at game jams. Cute and consistent art style!

Unfortunately I got an error while playing the browser version, which I believe is related to the audio mixer.. something containing "SetValueAtTime". Cheers

thank you! yeah i gotta find that bug, i got it too one time

I like this game

Nice work. Really captures the cartridge and has such great consistency throughout the visuals, sound, physics, etc.

Super fun! Nice work on the aesthetics and lighthearted feeling!

Nice job, I like the art style.  The acceleration on the uphill was a little slow.  I think you definitely captured the cartridge concept!

Sick game.  Lots of fun, impressively complete feeling.  I'd love it to be like 40% faster though!

Great Job! I love the commitment to the aesthetic.