A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A double game about building robots and fighting monsters in the vain of Wario Ware and Kingdom Hearts.

Xbox Controller / Keyboard (Controller recommended)

Building Portion Controls:

A / Space: Interact

Left Joystick / WASD: Movement

Right Joystick / Mouse: Game Controls

Combat Portion Controls:

A / Space: Jump

B / Tab: Block

X / Q: Kick

Y / E: Jump

Left Joystick / WASD: Movement

Right Joystick / Mouse: Camera

Left Joystick Press / Left Shift: Crouch

Right Joystick Press / Right Shift: Lock On

Made in 48 hours for Chillenium Game Jam 2018

Created by a team of 3:

Tanner Davis - Programming, Design, Audio

Meghan Grayson - 3D Art, Animation

Frank Hicks - 2D Art, UI


Windows Build 33 MB
Linux Build 36 MB
Mac Build 38 MB

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